About Us

Well, let me see where to begin....

    I can't begin at the very beginning because that would take way to long,       so, I will start in the middle...

The Porch & Pillow is an adventure that I have prayed about for a very long time. My husband, is a retired general contractor and I was his long time partner,  secretary, assistant, meal getter, errand girl and the list goes on.  I'm also a mother of 1, grandmommy  of 3 and  sibling #6 in a family of 10. I was raised in the south, ya'll.  

     A few years ago, our daughter moved back to the mountains of Rabun County  GA, with her husband to raise their family and after driving way too often to visit we decided to put our farm on the market  and follow. Through a series of rather serious health issues, my husband & I decided, with the Lords guidance of course, that now was the time to make some big changes in our life.  

     As I mentioned earlier, I have prayed and hoped for a small mom & pop shop of my own for a very long time. Well, thru the Lords leading, good friends and supportive family, doors began to open and here we are -                                                                                         The Porch & Pillow of Dillard Ga.

So, if you are visiting or just driving through north ga on hwy 441 through dillard Ga, stop and pay us a visit - I'm pretty sure you will like what you find!!

Detra Maughon